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hooray! i got home from a blah day at work to find a package from hillary on my kitchen table! she sent me this cute snap shirt, which means i need to get crackin' and make her some note sets or something cute with the paper i promised her.... maybe i will poke around at the store tomorrow night.

we are getting all geared up for eliots robot party on saturday. he is pretty excited and he doesnt even know what we are doing! considering his glee over the robot mask kerry made out of a paper bag for him at dinner tonight, i think his little head might explode when he sees the fixins for the robot costumes! how fun! plus i emailed a picture of the invitation to the bakery lady so i am looking forward to a cool robot head cake. i had thought about doing this myself, but the last time i made a cake that wasnt flat and 9.5 x 11 was, oh wait, never! i have never made a layer cake, can you believe it? i think i was spoiled after all those years of special cakes from my grandma. *note to self, open bakery when kids are in college so i can bake teddy bear cakes for my grandchildren some day. does anyone else way over plan things? i mean come on, this is birthday party number three, is he really going to remember it? am i setting myself up for failure? is it crazy that i am already mulling over ideas for collettes first birthday in may? i think it might be.

speaking of collette, that little girl is on the move! she crawled officially today. ok, well, it was only two knee motions for a total distance gain of about five centimeters, but it was still a true knee pumping, hand slapping crawl. look out huffmania, here comes collette. i can only imagine how much stress this is going to cause eliot. he kind of freaks if she even leans towards his toys, what is he going to do when she is making a bee-line for them? leslie any help on this one? did allie have sharing issues with henry? am i in for it?

other good news today? my five (yes i said five) boxes of thin mints arrived at work. i think i had some sort of mini panic attack when they passed the order form around the office this year. somehow in the shuffle i forgot to sign up last year and had NONE! it was awful, hence the five boxes this year. but it was well worth all the taunts from coworkers. i feel so secure opening that freezer door and seeing four boxes stack up in there. that should last until the end of february at least...


Blogger Leslie said...

Hi Hannah!
Oh a robot party -- that sounds like oodles of fun!!! Oh my gosh, he's going to love it! And always remember that these kids' parties are just as much for the mamas as they are for the kids. So even if they don't remember --- they have your memories to live by (and photos too!). Go ahead, go over the top! That's allowed! :)

At 2 years old Alison was remarkably maternal over her little bro, so sharing wasn't an issue back then. Now, however, is a whole new ball game. I am constantly intervening, trying to get the two of them to grasp the concept of sharing. But that's normal with all kids....so we're just trying to get by this stage! :) (It does pass, right?) Ha ha!

Oh I like your snap shirt from Hillary! I received my little dress yesterday too....can't wait for her next swap!

8:36 AM  
Blogger Giao said...

Even though I have no kiddies yet, I am with Leslie on the parties being for the mommies too. Enjoy yourself, have a blast!

And yay for first crawls!


9:10 AM  

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