i couldnt do it....

i thought i could sit down at the computer and not to some crafty surfing/posting. but i guess i cant. i got hooked on two new blogs today. the first is cats which i am really excited about. i love the way she writes, it makes me think. and her art is amazing. i am also very excited because she wants to do a trade with me. personally i think she got the short end of the stick, but that doesnt mean im not willing!! the second blog that i am liking very much is myras. she just started it, but i have seen her posting around the town. very cute stuff there... my list of favorites keeps growing and growing. two hours ago i was going to go down to the basement to finish up sarahs ipod case and look at me. still at the computer. must stop.


Anonymous mochi said...

Thanks for the nice mention. Can't wait to see your blog with pictures on it!


11:01 AM  

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