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now that i have a few regular readers (thank you kerry, leslie and giao!) i wanted to ask your opinion about a few things. first though i feel like i should apologize for not posting lately. david has been writing like a fiend in the evenings and tying up the computer. it is a good thing though as he has a few production companies interested... we shall see. who knows leslie, maybe we will be moving to so-cal soon!!

so back to my blogging questions. i guess it all boils down to i have been thinking about making a move to typepad, mainly because of picture capabilities. i would like to think that it also has to do with the fact that i would like to design my own site, but i am much further away from that goal that i care to admit to myself. i havent had any problem with blogger, and in theory everything would be great if i could just get all my ftp issues worked out. i actually have a domain i bought before collette was born, in hopes of keeping track of baby pictures for family there. www.huffmania.org not much there right now, just an index page a friend designed. what is so frustrating is that if i could get my ftp access to work, then i could host my pictures there instead of at flicker and keep this blog instead of moving. granted im tempted to move to typepad anyway because it seems to be the "hipper" place to be. im so frustrated. now that i feel comfortable in my blog, i want it to have more of my personality, or be able to post pictures of my projects or the fun things i get in the mail, like the beautiful collage postcard from hope that came the other day. i feel like i have all the pieces of a puzzle that i can seem to get together to make the correct picture. can you tell eliot got a bunch of puzzles for his birthday? anyway, any advice you ladies or anyone else for that matter, might have on this is more than welcome.


Blogger Giao said...

Hannah, I don't have personal experience with Typepad, but it does seem like a nice place to be! As for Blogger, I think you can cutomize to your heart's content with a bit of HTML and perhaps some CSS. I've had trouble with the FTP for Blogger function too, so I moved away from Blogger a long while back (when pic capability didn't even exist yet), but I guess it's not as difficult to do with outside pic vendors like Hello and Photobucket and Flickr. I got a primer on doing FTP's a few days back from Nerdle (Frecklegirl's fiance), so I can send you some of his instruction if you would like. Best of luck with this decision. Sorry I couldn't be of more help!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just started my first blog on typepad about a week ago. After looking at the other blog hosters I decided I liked the look and features offered on typepad the best.

However, it has been pretty challenging for me since I'm not the most computer savy. It took me quite a while to figure out how to create my site. And I'm also a bit disappointed that I haven't been able to figure out how to change the background page to something other than the solid colors provided from typepad. Maybe its because I need to upgrade the package I chose. Other than that I've been pretty happy with typepad.

- Myra

Almost forgot. I loved the pictures from the robot party for Elliot. What a great idea! And his cape is so cute, I'm going to have to steal your idea and sew one for my son.

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