i had the whole evening to myself tonight. i thought about working on eliots superhero cape, or trying my hand at another zipper pouch, but decided it was too cold to go outside. note to self, next time we buy a house, make sure you can get to the basement from the INSIDE of the house... instead i spent the evening going through all of the tpod archives. that trixie, she is so cute. makes me wish i was more diligent taking pictures of eliot and collette. tomorrow, i will start tomorrow. on a cool people note, we had two encounters tonight. kerry came over bearing gifts from her mom from gymboree. needless to say, all the loot was for eliot and collette. thank you kerry, thank you mrs. fulton! i think now that the evening is winding down, its time to fill up the old hot water bottle (yes, you read correctly, and i love it) get in bed and read some les miserables. i like some light reading before bedtime...


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