just focus already!

so attempt number three on the christmas card design is a bust! i just need to focus and commit. i promise that tomorrow will be last paper purchase and that i will have all my cards completed by this weekend!!! oh yeah, i forgot, i have to work all weekend and a wedding on top of that. a promise is a promise. so maybe in the mail tuesday? no... all together no later than sunday. so instead of printing my cards tonight, i ended up at target looking at fishnet stockings, which according to hanes are "on trend". how strange. it says it right on the front of the package. i tried to find it on target.com but it wasnt there. instead i found this! how funny is that? i should probably go to bed. i have to pick up my present for the gift exchange at work. so hilarious... i hope it doesnt offend anyone. and i still have to buy the ingredients and make my dessert contribution. grrr...


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