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this weekend didnt really turn out the way anyone expected, but dang if it wasnt good. friday the girls and i ate dinner on the floor in the kitchen out of my bowl. do you find that your kids will eat just about anything if it is coming from your plate? mine do. espescially if you are sitting on the floor. i have no answers for this. after the communal dinner we packed it up and went to the park to stroll around. loose park is my favorite park in the city. i wish i would have had my camera friday so i could show you some pictures. i saw a mama duck with about twelve brown fuzzy ducklings people! i nearly fell over. then i called david on the cell phone and asked him for the millionth time if i could order a camera. not yet. grr. such a smart man.

anyway, so after the park the girls went to bed and i simultaneously watched a sappy movie on tv and organized my flickr photos. after that i spent some sorely needed time with my tweezers, file and razor in the bathroom. wow. time well spent i would say. david and eliot's camping trip was cut a day short because this weekend of all weekends was some horse ride benefit and after spending most of the evening and night listening to trailers rumble into the campgrounds, he thought it best not to go for night two. they did have fun though, smores and hiking and all that. plus we managed to work the change of plans to our benefit. sent eliot to "camp" in the backyard of a friends house, got a sitter for the girls and went out for a night on the town to celebrate a friends birthday. you know, i havent had to be social (laugh, tell stories and joke around) with new people in a long long time. i thought i might be a little rusty, but after some italian food in my belly and the promise of ice cream to come, i settled right in. too bad i didnt get a chance to tell any of my nightmare hillbillie stories, those always get people going. plus i love to use as many accents as possible while telling stories. thank goodness my mother is colombian.

i also wanted to tell you that i saw the funniest movie ever saturday night. hot fuzz. oh my gosh. i think you will agree with me too if you find most of the following statements to be true:
1. you love simon pegg
2. you have seen the bbc show "spaced"
3. you have seen shaun of the dead
4. you liked #2 and #3 above
5. you have a general love for all things british
6. including british humor

if you agree with 50% of the above statements, then hot fuzz is a movie for you. so frickin' funny.


Blogger mike said...

WOW! i answered "no" to all six questions. i can't wait to take ethan camping.

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved shaun of the dead so much-I am freaking out to see this movie!

and your husband is hot. I can say this becasue I have a hot husband too.

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just added the movie to our queue...I, myself am unable to pass up good british humor. Plus we need to lighten up our gueue anyway, too many good but tense movie keep showing up.

Sounds like your weekend turned out really nice, it can go either way when Peter comes home a day early like that. : ) And as for kids eating anything off your plate, I've found that kids will eat anything off the floor. I used to joke that if they didn't eat a least a bit of the veggies on their plate, I was going to toss it on the floor, sure to improve the flavor.

6:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

relative to my weekend, yours sounds like some kind of good good dream. you know, minus all the shaving. i feel like that movie is going to be paul's new favourite.

12:21 PM  
Blogger bet(h) said...

han-have i heard your nightmare hillbilly stories?? i enjoyed spending a night on the town with you & dave. you were both on your best behaviour. *grin* and YES YES YES to hot fuzz. thank you, simon pegg. (and thank you crazy horse convention that sent you two with us)

1:47 PM  
Blogger Shelly (Nicole) said...

Where is Loose Park located? I'm not familiar with that one. My favorite is Antioch Park.

10:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,
I have recently discovered your blog while visiting Alicia Paulson's and realized you are from my area. I loved the photo and story of your mom's bravery. I can relate, although not to such an extreme. I moved to the Midwest from California to marry my husband, having no one here but he and his family. Talk about homesick and I even spoke English. So when your mom said you saved her life, I understood. I noticed the quilt you had on flickr and wondered if you had learned to hand quilt in a group? I meet with a rug hooking group at the Plaza Library on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month and would like to learn how to quilt by pros rather than try and teach myself. If you know of a group I'd love to come visit. Thank you, Laney lbriggs@Presentation-Parish.org

10:51 AM  

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