well july

today one of my favorite people has a birthday
OMG homemade dulce de leche ice cream with toasted peacans i will love you forever and ever and ever
you can't be all that bad. i mean it still is summer after all. june is my favorite, no doubt about it, but good things happen in july too. for instance, lots of bunting and balloons out and about to celebrate the holiday. always nice. i will forever remember my first attempt at homemade ice cream. today i fell in love with dulce de leche ice cream with toasted pecans. fell hard. like i wouldn't share if i didn't absoultely have to (friends are coming to dinner). and today is super great for another reason, a better one. yes one that tops homemade ice cream. today is my friend kristen's birthday. i mean she's a super cool lady, and with amazing taste in shoes, hence she owns a shoe store. but i love her because we are so alike it's kind of scary. only three days separtate our birthdays. we both are quite lax on cleaning and the like, food saftey? who needs it. and yes we love our mothers to death, but they equally (and more often than not, in the exact same ways) drive us insane. i don't know what would happen if we actually had a disagreement. neither one of us would back down. fact cop. i think the world might break in half. it's a good thing we like each other, because i think the only other option might be to hate one another. so yes, kristen i am super happy glad that i love you! happy birthday dear friend. you mean the world to me.


Blogger Mathias said...

How can July be bad when it's the month of my birthday? Impossible.

3:14 AM  
Anonymous gracia said...

With toasted pecans, you say... I like. Very much.

Enjoy your summer days.

11:59 PM  
Blogger Abby Orlando said...

Please tell me you ate the ice cream with the gold shoes on!

12:12 PM  
Blogger kristen said...

hannah, don't let the fact that i'm reading this post nearly a week after my birthday disappoint you. i know you are well aware that I get around to reading blogs about once every three weeks, so one week is actually pretty good. reading this was like opening a present...it's like celebrating my birthday for a week! i love you friend.

9:53 PM  

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