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so hey june, i missed a few days blogging, but eah. i was having too much fun. first of all, last night we stood in line for two hours to see a secret free phoenix show. let me tell you, it was so completely and totally worth it. best show ever. and FREE. oh man. if you don't have the new phoenix album, please do get it. you won't be sorry. i promise.

second, and equally as awesome, i have some fantastic polaroid news. remember back when the lovely jen invited me to be a part of the for the love of light project? well, behind the scenes things were cooking. and now they are just about ready. chronicle books is putting out a fantastic set of notecards with our polaroid images!! you can pre-order a set here (looky there, that's my pola on the info page eeeeepppp!). so in summation, go buy the phoenix album and order some polaroid notecards. it's all for you people. i've already got mines.


Blogger Rose said...

Congrats! That's so exciting!

2:59 PM  
Blogger jen said...


6:21 PM  
Blogger Candace said...

oh yes. that phoenix album. i am in love.

and congrats to you!

8:16 PM  
OpenID bferry said...

phoenix pumps me up in the morning and gets me ready for a day at the office.

and notecards = awesome!

7:48 AM  
Blogger emily said...

hi ya there. i know that this comment comes a little late after seeing that secret Phoenix show (so cool!)-- so when i heard about this, i thought of you. or maybe you've already seen it.


p.s. i've never posted a comment on your blog, but i do have a little crush on your photography.

7:38 AM  

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