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almost like time zeroi'm certainly not going to win any blog awards with that original title am i? eah. it's about how much brain power i have right now. i have been thinking about the holidays a lot lately. mostly how much i want to skip halloween and move right into thanksgiving. i love thanksgiving. it's my favorite holiday. not because of the pilgrims necessarily, but because it's about eating food and spending time with the people you love. my two favorite things. as such i thought i would share how much i loved this months gourmet issue. i'll admit it, i was skeptical. i love basic, traditional thanksgiving food so much that spins always kind of lose me, but their over the top super fancy menu sounded so good, that i was pretty much ready for whatever they were going to show me next. while i myself will probably never make a super fancy over the top thanksgiving meal, they had a great article on how to do a traditional menu in four hours, which was music to my ears. and the vegetarian menu not only sounded good, the pictures were beautiful beautiful beautiful. spot on yet again with the photographers that magazine chooses. someday, right? i'll keep dreaming.

don't worry, i'm not here to make christmas all jealous about my thanksgiving love. i've been thinking about that one too. the gift making ideas have been brewing for a bit now. did you see melissa's brilliant idea? i'm putting that one right at the top of my list. so good. i think this is finally the year to make dolls for the girls, in hopes they won't get ripped to shreds in seconds or worse yet, tossed to the gutter with a lack of compunction that only a four year old can muster. man they can be so cruel. ha! i just realized i'm stealing all of melissa's ideas. i knew there was a reason i liked that lady. of course if you don't have time or the want to make things (believe me that's where i am most of the time) then there is always the buying handmade option, yes? claire's new shop. oh my. i have one of her lovely wallets and they are just fantastic. not only are they sturdy, but guaranteed to make you smile when you fish it out of your bag. martha has a new holiday offering in store that i can not wait to see. shanna has a lovely calendar in the wings that will be fantastic. and my friend beth has just opened a new shop. her work is lovely, i should know, we have three of her pieces on our walls.

last and most definitely least i have been thinking about my offerings. i have been selling custom prints here and there which has been the perfect speed for me right now. i have been thinking about a few things to sell for the holidays, but i thought i would ask what you would like to see. postcards? journals? little prints? tell me. i'll listen. i promise.


Blogger jen j-m said...

i would happily snap up postcard sets in a heartbeat. little prints would be great, too.

3:51 PM  
Blogger shari said...

oh yeah. postcards and journals. love those ideas. so much goodness in this post h! xo

5:19 PM  
Blogger Julia said...

yes, postcards! and journals. i think that would be good. and i'm definitely going to have to check out this veggie thanksgiving issue- usually gourmet is a little skimpy on the veg. recipes, so mostly ignore it (though i do know i'm missing out on molly). thanks for the tip!

10:12 AM  
Anonymous melissa f. said...

i better come up with some better ideas for you to use... i'll get right on it.

journals. i think that's a really good plan. or notebooks of any kind.

12:36 PM  
Anonymous thelivinglegend said...

wow i love polaroids. i want to see more of those next time :D

2:36 AM  
Blogger Gen said...

So, I was completely confused while reading your post at first because I kept thinking to myself, "skip through Halloween to Thanksgiving? What is she talking about?? Thanksgiving is BEFORE Halloween..."

Then, the light bulb finally went on and I realized where you writing from and that indeed, Canadian Pilgrims and Indians didn't feast at the same time as the American ones did (they were probably trying to dig in before all the snow came!)!!

I had to laugh at my mistake though...sometimes my "hamster falls off the wheel" sooner than I anticipate ;)

5:28 PM  
Blogger happyian said...

Don't worry about making christmas jelaous.
Christmas gets so much attention
makes me sick.

Thanksgiving is the best holiday
november is the best month
and christmas trys to ruin them every year


12:38 PM  

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