summer life shop open

open for business
(sorry that is hard to read, bigger might help)
hello everyone! the summer life update to the shop is up, please go take a look. i am doing things a bit differently this time around, prints will be made to order. i have marked all prints as a quantity of one, but am allowing overselling. if you place an order, please allow about a week for printing and shipping. i will notify you when your items are ready to ship. what is left of the 4x6 print sets in the shop are also on sale. yay!

ok, business out of the way. how fun was friday??? so much fun. i had a wonderful time, the absolute best part of the whole evening was seeing all the friends and family that came out to see the show and support me. thank you everyone who found time to come. and if you came by and didn't say hello, i'm saying hello now. hi! i had fun asking people which prints were their favorites and why. i also had a lot of fun answering the question, "are these your photographs?", why yes, yes they are. ooooh la lah.


Blogger kimberly said...

oh hannah! I was so sad to be out of town for your show. do it again, okay?

1:20 PM  
Blogger Malinda said...

I did get to see your stuff, but did not see you (spent too much time looking at the shoes). Very nice photos though! Congrats!

10:12 AM  
Anonymous jaime said...

I was by and saw your photos. I was going to say hello, but you were very popular, and I am shy. For the record, I liked the photo of the thrift store/ flea market window and the one of the kitchen sink. All were very good!!

1:14 PM  

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