how can i be?

wow, i certainly didnt expect so many of you to be taken with my mom's story like that. sorry to spring it on you. i so rarely cry that i forget to think about it. honestly i wrote that story to remind myself that i really do love and appreciate my mom because she is so so driving me crazy right now. case in point, we got into an argument on the phone last night and i had to hang up. ah life.

and now to lighten things up, shall i tell you a little piece of my own story? and by that i mean how much of an idiot i can be? i had my own little christmas miracle last week while i was downstairs crafting away. how many things have i quilted? quite a few. two big blankets and little things here and there. well this particular afternoon i was working on a little project and my damn quilting foot kept falling apart. i was starting to hit that note of panic because i really needed it to hang on so i could finish what i was making. not to mention that i didnt really want to have to shell out another $35 for one. so after about the seventh time of me getting out my little screw driver and removing the whole foot so i could snap the pieces back together, i had an epiphany. you know the little arm thingy that actually walks the foot up and down? you know the one that is supposed to rest on the screw coming out of the post so that it can go with the motion of your needle? this whole time, for a YEAR people i have been using my walking foot incorrectly! i have had that stupid little handle just resting on top of the screw post so that it doesnt so much "walk" my quilt through, but bumps up and down sporadically of its own accord. i have literally been pulling with might my quilts through my machine, forcing the fabric to walk instead of having the foot do the work for me. yanking even. yes, i fully admit that i am a crafting idiot, and yes i am pretty sure that an actual light bulb was floating above my head and there was an audible ding when it lit up. i can not believe that i have been using that stupid thing that way for so long. so long. when i put two and two together (and the chorus of angels broke into song) you would not believe how easy it was to quilt. my fabric slid through my machine like butter. it was so easy. so easy, and i am such an idiot. needless to say i feel like i could quilt the whole world now.
i finally learned to quilt
i mean look at those stitches!!! so smooth, so even, so uniform. it is a whole new world. anyone need anything quilted? i am ready to go. i even dug out the six year old multiple yards of fabric that i have for eliots baby quilt. that project is finally going to happen, five years late, but it will happen.

ok, so now that i have admitted how stupid i can be, lets talk some shop. i changed huffmania over to the new blogger, so some of you might be seeing that big red exclamation point in your bloglines. if you feel like it, i think re-subscribing should fix it. also if you are having problems commenting, please let me know. haeshu at gmail dot com. and i plan on dusting off the recipe box this afternoon. alicia got me going... oh baby. and last but not least, laura from spain, por favor mandeme un email! me gustaria mucho hablar contigo mas!! have a wonderful weekend friends, there is curry and white wine in my future. mmm mmm.

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Anonymous abbyjane said...

I once had a set of watercolors and for over a year I painted with them until one day I dropped them and, boom, they split in two and it turned out there was an entire second layer of watercolor paints underneath the first. With all kinds of different colors. I felt like such a painting idiot. But it was pretty exciting to me.

11:19 AM  
Blogger molly said...

oh i love moments like that!
(by the way--i sliced my pointer finger open last night on the lid of a can of tomato soup. thought of you and your grated finger...)

11:45 AM  
Anonymous erin said...

after reading this, i think i am going to take a good look at my walking foot....

12:32 PM  
Blogger bugheart said...

hooray for
that make
so better!

2:04 PM  
Blogger Betsy said...

Don't you love those kind of moments at your machine!!! The realization of all the things to come!!!

5:37 PM  
Anonymous amy h said...

This definitely sounds like something I would do. But, hey, now you get to *truly* appreciate your walking foot.

6:55 PM  
Blogger kimberly said...

i was having the same problem last week with less than 12 hours until my project had to be done. although my issue was forgetting to put the little hitch over the screw that holds the needle in.

and then, it still wasn't working, so I hastily drove to quilters' haven where I was told I had the needle in backwards. niiiice.

7:26 PM  
Anonymous melissa f. said...

i like how this post is filed under "thoughts"

3:30 PM  
Anonymous toby said...

Glad you heard the chorus of angles.

8:34 PM  

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