a warm day

into the blue
today was a beautiful day in kansas city. our party of five decided to tackle a trip to the park. it took us about twice as long to get everyone wrangled and in the car. i guess that is to be expected, right? i took some pictures and put them on flickr. a few new ones of arlo as well. its nice to get some good light finally!

i am feeling wonderful. should i make you all hate me and say that i am back into my regular jeans? dont hate me too much. please. as david has pointed out to me today, my sweet tooth has returned with a vengeance. those jeans might not make it too long, there might be some yo-yo'ing in my future. gotta love that breastfeeding though. sure makes a difference, although im pretty sure a whole bag of twizlers (the BIG bag) is not what the medical community had in mind for the 500 extra calories a day that i am supposed to be consuming. or the cupcake, or brownie, or key lime fruit-a-freeze bars... did i say something about a sweet tooth? hmmm....

my new theory on having three kids is that by already having spent so much energy chasing two around, you somehow are less exhausted after labor and delivery. or maybe its more like your body has already been making due on less sleep so it doesnt really notice much of a difference. i have to say that i have been most fortunate in all the help we have received. wonderful, wonderful sarah has taken the time to coordinate 11 meals for our family from various friends. 11, can you believe that??? im never going to want to cook again! every other evening a hot meal delivered to the door and oh they have been delicious! and kristen has set up a standing play date for collette and margot on mondays. and dear, dear, david. he really is a super husband and father, getting eliot and collette up and fed so that arlo and i can sleep in. those morning sleep hours are always the best, arent they?

i have managed to find some time to even work on a few projects! can you believe it? if all goes as planned i should have some photos by the end of the week. keep your fingers crossed! although, things might slow down now that sarah stopped by today to give me this... should i admit that i have already watched it twice today? im such a secret romantic...


Blogger beki said...

How wonderful that you're doing so well! You give me hope - my third one will be here in about two months.

5:55 AM  
Anonymous julie said...

i'm so glad you are enjoying your time w/ all your sweet little ones. we all knew you would be in your jeans after 2 weeks. doesn't it feel nice? keep the pictures coming on flickr, we miss you!!

9:55 AM  
Blogger kristen said...

Mondays are becoming Margot and I's favorite days! Time with Collette should be the prescription for anyone having a bad Monday. Oh, and you better call me the next time you watch P&P -- secret romantics unite!

10:06 AM  
Blogger beth said...

love the flickr photos. love pride & prejudice. love the huff-five. and now, i'm giving you an assignment - send me a cool photo of you in your thai shirt. :) and ones of you & david in your green coats. :) cheers.

11:30 AM  

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