projects galore

i did my first mini knitting lesson tonight with kerry and vickie. it was fun. hopefully after christmas, when everyone has more time, we will get together again for another go at it. and kerry gave me a great idea tonight too, button christmas tree! i know it sounds dorky, but it looked great. let me try to describe it. she covered a foam floral cone with random white buttons and toped it with a star. if and when (when hopefully being the operative word) we get a digital camera, i promise to post a picture. hopefully after christmas i will be able to work on getting this blog whipped into shape too. i would like to start a projects gallery. so that maybe someday someone out there in webworld can steal one of my ideas for a change. hopefully that will make up for all the things i have lovingly borrowed from others more creative than myself. hopefully. im thinking that if i do get a chance to teach my friend kristen how to knit we can do some sort of exchange and she can teach me how to develop film in her very snazy darkroom. everyone wins!!


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