creativity blahs

i like to think of myself as a creative person. on good days. yesterday and today have been bad days. last night after getting home from work at the paper source, i was armed with a bag full of gorgeous paper and envelopes to make my christmas cards with. i hauled out my tub of stamps and pads and other card making do-dads, and my trusty think pad. its this great big pad of paper that i liberated from my other job that i use to stamp and sort and place ideas before i put one single drop of ink on my nice papers. its great, i love it. only last night after i had covered two whole pages (we are talking big pages here, like 11x17) with different stamped combos of ideas for my card, i found that the original idea brewing in my head these past few weeks sucked. i hated it! it looked awful. so i dug out another stamp that i had not planned on using and now i have a whole new idea that is somewhat satisfying. we shall see. it does require that i return some of the paper i bought in exchange for a different color. not too bad i guess. i think last nights experience had me down in the dumps. but tonight i made the mistake of checking out some of my favorite creative blogs before i started in on my cards again. what a waste. it is now an hour and a half later and i haven't even touched my cards, and i am feeling even less creative than yesterday. who are these people? do they take creative pills at night before they go to bed?? i say i like to knit, i say i like to make cards, but i really don't do much of either one. i wish i did, i wish i was better, or just a touch more creative. i know i am totally whining about this junk. and im only doing it to make myself feel better. and that isnt even working very well either. phooey.


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