baby steps

so here i go. my first step into the world of blogging. my friend sarah is going to hate me. she even hates the word blog. i keep telling her it's a great way to get ideas. i figure i can use this blog to, at the very least, post pictures of my children so that my parents, in-laws and other interested family members don't get angry with me because i don't send pictures. i hope anyway. i also seem to have hit a point of new found creativeness in my life, and might as well take care of that while i am at it. who knows. i guess we will see.


Anonymous claire said...

so i just finished your ENTIRE BLOG... i've read bits and pieces over the years, and then there was that time that i banned myself from blogs... actually that still stands bar a few, and well...
hannah, i'm so glad you started this, and then picked up a camera, and then a film one...
you are awesome.
so awesome that i wish i lived in kansas so i could sit on your front porch, nibble your collette's toes, or smell the back of arlo's neck (oh boy i'll bet that smells good!). i could play frisbee with eliot and soak up some sunshine with lemonade and cookies, and you.
thanks hannah. a billion times over.

3:28 PM  

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