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eleven more months to go. it probably comes as no surprise that i am not the least bit sad to see january go. the closer we get to other months that start with j, the better. i suspect that february is going to be a doozy. i've got two weeks of fieldwork before me, and it has been suggested that the best way to stay warm would be to buy one of these and fill it with whiskey. obviously i have some smart friends. now that eliot's birthday is officially past, i am receiving daily reminders that arlo's is next. and that i should buy something pink and purple that she likes. i'm still not sure what that something is, because that's as specific as she is getting. occasionally she will throw out the word cozy. we'll see. it's hard to think of buying more things when all i want to do is get rid of 60% of the things in my closet. did you see maria's ruthless guidelines? i plan on getting down to business as soon as i get back and thaw myself. and i've still got those throw pillows on the back burner. sheesh.


Blogger Juanita said...

January's sudden passing came as a shock. But at least with February, there is less pressure :-)

4:26 AM  
Blogger Jenious said...

I can't believe that Feb is here already. Time seems to be speeding up lately...I'm also in a clutter clearing mood. I suppose it's all the time spent indoors. At least the house will be in order when spring rolls round. :)

7:26 AM  

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